Jim Dollinger, "The Buickman"

Jim Dollinger was born and grew up in Albion, NY on the Erie Canal, which, you may remember was a project implemented by 19th Century visionaries who recognized that efficient transportation would be the key to the expansion of the United States.

He was raised in the automobile business, his father having been a Pontiac-Buick dealer for 17 years. He attended Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and while there joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity. A professor from his college days, Dr. Miller, played a significant role in molding Jim's present day philosophies. Dr. Miller said "research what you sell...know everything there is to know about your product before you sell it".

When Jim graduated and started working in his father's auto dealership, he began reading everything he could find on the automobile industry, including a book on the life of Billy Durant of Flint, Michigan founder of General Motors. Billy Durant was a visionary and a great salesman because he understood his market. In one week-end Billy Durant sold 1108 new cars just by demonstrating a prototype (the factories hadn't even been built yet!).

On September 16, 1982, Jim Dollinger, armed with his knowledge of Billy Durant's success, and with $150 in his pocket, left Albion, NY for Flint, Michigan...the home of Billy Durant...and the automobile industry. It wasn't long before Jim's vision of being a great automobile salesman came to pass. He was soon achieving "Salesman of the Month" which eventually led to National Success as "America's #1 Buick Salesman." In one year, he personally delivered 970 retail units! Jim was Buick Motor Division's Top Salesman for six years. He achieved this success by offering his customers unequalled personalized service.

Like the visionaries of the Erie Canal, and Billy Durant, the visionary of General Motors, Jim Dollinger has a vision, too. He's assembled an expert team of people who share his vision....providing exceptional personal service in the purchase of not only automobiles, but real estate as well.

As Jim likes to say, he's "not in the car business, or the real estate business, he's in the PEOPLE business!".